My Milestone!

At the beginning of this year I set a goal for myself. I wanted to revive my blog. I had never really totally ignored it but it like so many things had become neglected and that caused me to lose connection with people and things I enjoyed. So, I am happy to announce that this blog post is #64 this year!!! That is exactly double my previous annual post high of 32 in 2004 when Isabella was 1!! I have to say I am pretty proud of myself. I was going to do a post that tied into my very first post on this blog but I was lame and this was my first post "This is my first post". So lame.
So, I decided to check out my 32nd post in 2004. sadly it was about completing the 1/2 marathon in the distance challenge at Run for Your Life. I don't really run anymore. One, because I would have to push Emmeline's chunky but in the stroller and have Isa riding her bike which is still patchy. Two, because the weather here sucks so taking the girls out in it let alone motivating myself isn't the best scenario. Either way I am glad I was able to accomplish something this year even if it is just updating my blog for everyone to read. I am actually excited that I stuck with something that wasn't "needed" for our family to function. I feel like everything I do is just to maintain the family. But this blog was my self indulgent thing. The thing I did when I felt like I wasn't a real person but merely a caregiver. It kind of brought me back to the world outside of this apartment. Reminding me that the people I care about are still there and despite my neglect, they still cared about me!! YAY!! I'm not sure if I can do 120 posts next year but we will see!


Brittany H. said...

Keep it up, lady! You make me laugh, cry, feel comforted...so many things. I am glad we get to stay in touch!

Mary Ann said...

Good for you! I'm glad you're blogging.

My guilty self indulgence is a journal--that an my photos of Beirut but that doesn't even really count as blogging, does it?