Why I Shouldn't Watch Current TV And I May Have Said Too Much

I am a bad parent when I watch current TV. Back when I got hooked on Lost I realized I was either ignoring Isa so I could watch or I was putting her to bed insanely early just so I wouldn't feel guilty about ignoring her while I watched. I of course failed and ended up feeling guilty anyway. So like a good adult I quit watching. It also helped that at that point I was totally fed up with the plot line/lines.
I just get so caught up in the story and have trouble detaching from the characters and was totally stressed while waiting the week to find out what happened. I would worry and fret and literally get sick to my stomach about it. I know this is far from normal or healthy but I am who I am.
I am once again having trouble detaching. Thanks to this guy.

Ben Wyatt photo

I am totally smitten. The casting director for Parks and Recreation hit a home run for me on this one. Adam Scott is the perfect amount of nerdy, sensitive and manly in this character.

And the prep for me to say too much.

When Adam entered the show as Ben Wyatt they had him be pretty annoyingly bland. Even then I liked him. I realize this might say something about my taste in men but I like to think I could see his inner personality they were suppressing. Anyway, Even though I am not crazy about the main character Leslie (played by Amy Poehler) as a date-able person (meaning I don't see how anyone could find her attractive enough to date. Personality or looks) I was glad when they paired up her and Ben for a secret relationship. Of course the writers screwed that up for me and they "had" to break up for Leslie to run for City Council (she wasn't aloud to date co-workers, hence the secret relationship). This created an even bigger problem for me.

And now the too much.

I can't accurately fantasies about being in a relationship with Ben if he is single.

I know, it's weird. It is totally a part of my inability to detach that has created this sick little problem and as an adult I see that. Does it make me like Ben/Adam less? Um, no.

You would think I would be thrilled with the fact that they got Leslie and Ben back together in the last episode but I'm not. I know that too make good TV they have to be dramatic. It was WAY too easy to get them back together. I know they are just going to toy with me some more by creating a new bigger reason why they can't be together. Well, if they writers are any good they will. My only hope is that either the drama will bring Leslie and Ben even closer or that they will spin the drama too something else. My hopes aren't high.

There, now don't you wish I didn't have Hulu Plus?

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Terra said...

You're weird.
I can't watch Parks and Recreation because of all the awkward moments.
And I hate it when characters get together. (not Angela and Hodgins I think they're adorable and Hodgins is so pretty) but Bones is pretty much ruined for me because Booth knocked her up. Now I have to suffer through her learning how to be human on yet another level. It's even more annoying that the writers are completely inconsistent on how socially backwards she is. Don't even get me started on the new intern whose trying to convince me his southern accent is real.