A Little Itchy

For as long as I remember I have said I didn't like Christmas. Well, all the things that seem to go with it really. The silly sweaters, the gift pressure, especially the carols. Yuck. I was never sure why but they just made me feel gross. This seemed to changed slightly when I had kids old enough to look forward to it. When they get really excited I can't help but get excited with them. I slowly started to enjoy picking out gifts, putting up decorations, baking cuddling with a good Christmas book on the couch. The love for the carol has never come. Still yuck.
As an adult I think I have been able to figure out why I didn't like Christmas. I really love it. Since I really love it, it upsets me when it ends. Over they years this turned into me getting mad that it didn't last longer and pushing it away. I felt yucky and abandoned so I abandoned it. Very mature right? I know. Now that I have kids who love Christmas I remember all the fun stuff I did at Christmas and want to do it with them.
This doesn't fix my original problem though. Christmas is just too short. I know some stores started their Christmas stuff before Halloween but it isn't the same. Christmas doesn't start until my house is decorated. I am really itching to get my stuff out. Josh however doesn't like doing this until after Thanksgiving. I don't see the problem. You should show your thanks at Thanksgiving and I am showing I am thankful for Christmas. Seems like a win-win to me. Josh doesn't agree. We'll see.


Brittany H. said...

Kevin put our tree up on Sunday, and I have to admit that it makes me smile.

Chesney said...

Christmas doesn't start for me until after thanksgiving. I do look forward to opening the containers. It is a pain to put away though. Enjoy!!

Josh said...

Oh, if it makes you happy, you can leave the tree up all year. But, I will warn you, people who do that were the inspiration for one of Jeff Foxworthy's jokes.

Chernobyl said...

Oh come on Josh! Who cares? Let the girl decorate!