I Will Make It Through This Life, I Will Make It Through This Life...

Let me start by saying that if anyone says "this too shall pass" I will turn you into a bug, and put you in a box, then i'll put that box in another box, then i'll mail that box to myself and SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!! OK let's get on with it.

em wont swallow anything. When i say anything i mean not even her spit. Over that last two weeks i have watched my little villain deteriorate before my very eyes. At first i thought she was just being stubborn. she is after all very good at that. but as she got worse day by day the fear set in. something is wrong. better yet, something is wrong and no body knows what. as a parent this is unacceptable to me. i have only been in this situation once before. I personally believe someone shouldn't have to go through this more then once in a life time. i felt like it aged me like ten years. so, after this one i guess i will look closer to 50.

So, since they have no idea what it is, we have a whole set of tests to do. Swallow study next tuesday (this one scares me the most), then an MRI, then our #10 specialist Nephrology. After that i figure they will ask for a scope of her throat. Not sure why they aren't doing that now. I seriously should get a medical degree for all this. we also did a blood draw yesterday for food allergies. The reason we have a #10 is because she still has Acidosis. Once again, no one knows why.

i am really not good at waiting. i mean really, really not good. let's hope for Em's sake that my lack wont keep her sick. i am a girl that needs a plan. i am good at following plans. we're friends.

on an upside, which also has the doctors scratching their heads, Em is talking a TON. real words and everything!


Chernobyl said...

Another upside - you look fantastic for 50.

Megan said...

hehe. thanks cheryl. we'll see how i look i a few weeks.

Mindy Jo said...

I was gonna say, and she beat me to it ...
The hottest 50 year old I know!

What are you doing tomorrow?
Besides keeping Em & yourself alive?

Love you girl!

Matthew said...

Because you look forward to my comments ever so much, I would just point out that if you died tomorrow from an Em induced heart attack, you technically would have 'made it through this life'. That's the fun part of enduring to the end =)

Also, I'm kind of reminded of the crazy torture machine in The Princess Bride with all this talk of having years of your life removed. Does this imply we can bring you back to life with chocolate covered herb lumps?

Megan said...

hehe. i thought of that too

Chesney said...

And another upside- I can bring you some chocolate! and dinner too!