The Newest Adventure

Ketoadicosis. That is what my 2 year old had. add VERY dehydrated and we had a BIG problem. one urine cath and 2 blood draws later she seems to be stable. we are waiting to hear back from her cardiologist to move further. The GREAT news is she isn't diabetic! there wasn't a huge chance of her having it but i have learned she likes to play the odds. thankfully she has started eating a bit again. she had gone 4 days with no food!!! needless to say i was a wreck.
the part about this whole ordeal that stresses me the most is the fact that she has lost a pound. which means we are 1.5 pounds behind our goal for her to gain enough wait to repair her ASD by catheter this fall. so... the surgery is pretty much out of the question. unless her surgeon decides that if we are close then they can do it. i'm not holding me breath. well, not for that.
even though this week has been rough at least it was rough at home and not the hospital. thank goodness for the g-tube. it worked great as an at home IV.
i have been reading random people's blogs lately and i found one written by a mom who has a child with alot of medical issues. something she said made me chuckle in agreement.
"My child will probably live to be 150 and i'll probably die young from an [emmeline] induced heart attack." so true.


Brittany H. said...

haha That quote is pretty funny! Man, life sounds pretty rough for you all right now...I hope that sometime in the future you will all be able to look back and say, "Yeah, it really sucked but it didn't last as long as it felt at the time!"

Megan said...

me too, me too. :)