my patriotic cutie

so way back before spring break isa was asked to say the pledge of allegiance at the denton isd school board meeting. she was very excited about it. 10 students out of her whole school were chosen so she felt pretty special. she was very particular about her out fit. aunt terra sent her a little yellow jacket that she wears every chance she gets. in fact she is wearing it today. i have to hide it or she tries to put it on everyday.
luckily emmeline was pretty well behaved for us. we only had to stay until right after the pledge and then we all ducked out. good thing. i heard that meeting was around 5 hours.

em got a little excited and was all over josh.

so cute. i love the red shoes!

she was really sweet and wanted em in the picture with her.


Laura said...

Cute! I still can't believe she's as old as she is. What happened to our little "Lura" calling cutie?

Terra said...

I know! It makes me sad to think of her getting to big to cuddle...although as a niece it's kind of cool to be treated as an equal by my aunts.

I'm so glad her jacket fit. Those stupid sizes are not help at all- I just had to eye ball it. I'm going to make sure Jason sends me somewhere to see you guys this summer.

Brittany H. said...

What beautiful girls!