A Few Things I've Done When I Wasn't Crying

So I think it's pretty obvious from several of my previous posts that I cry more then the average adult woman. But I am occasionally do things other then cry. surprising i know but after a while i get pretty dehydrated so...here are a few things i did during my cry breaks.

I built another book shelf!

some time about a year ago i built the first one. The plans had enough wood for two but i was totally exhausted after the first one and i'm sure my neighbors were tired of hearing me hammer, so i opted to save the wood for another time. i decided spring break was "another time". It started off just as bad if not worse then the first. this time i had emmeline all over me so that made it a bit harder. i gave up after the wood kept splitting. after called josh to complain about it i decided that i had not stored that wood in my dining room for a year only to throw it out and i was going to build a bookshelf out of it no matter what. once again i learned how amazing wood filler and sand paper are. i think i actually like it better then the first but that might have something to do with the lack of aquatic color choices.

Then i decided to revamp my coupon storage system. any couponer knows what an undertaking that can be.

here is how i used to carry my coupons around. this bag could weigh anywhere between 20-45 pounds. plus my purse and a wiggly Emmeline. it was tough getting up the 3 flights to the apartment.

here are the insides of the bag

next i had to clip all the coupons i would need. this is somewhat of a judgement call as i didn't want to cut out everything. in the end it was still alot but i'll figure out exactly what i need over the next few weeks.

then i has to organize them by my categories.

then loaded them in my binder.

i LOVE the finished product. i can find whatever i need super fast now.
josh helped me come up with the name. pretty cool.

my scissor/calculator pocket

my store coupon policy pocket.

It is so nice to finally be done with this. it took a lot longer then i thought it would. it is super nice to be out and find something on clearance and be able to flip in my book to see if i have a coupon. saves to much time and makes full use of my coupons.

so there. no need to call DSS quite yet. i occasionally do productive things.


Brittany H. said...

Love the bookshelf! Those can be so expensive so nice work!

Laura said...

Wow Megan! How about building one of those and sending it this way? I am seriously impressed!

Ben and I were reminiscing the other day about your compulsive vacuuming:) We miss you!