14 Good Years

i was rushed when i went couponing yesterday morning. Em had therapy at 9am and i knew if i waited until after therapy i would only be able to fit in walgreens or target instead of both. well, walgreens was out of several of the items i wanted to i was going to get some rainchecks. due to some unforeseen overage i ended up taking longer then expected and in my haste i forgot my rainchecks. no big deal i thought. i will just run by after i get isa from school and pick them up and that is exactly what i did.
as i was standing at the counter chatting with one of my favorite cashiers a patron came over and said
"i'm sorry to interrupt but a white car outside slipped out of gear and rolled into another car. the Nissan is white. the cashier's car is white. we both ran outside to see who it was. i was the winner. or rather the loser. my car was across the parking lot half on a bush and half on...the manager's car.
this may sound bad but i automatically felt better. at least it was someone i knew and that knew me. yes i know pretty much every employee at walgreens. some i like better then others. this one is nice. i am just glad i have always behaved when having to deal with managers and that i brought them those cookies at christmas. my immediate fear in an accident is that the person will try and screw me over.
i just have to say that i really like the employees at the walgreen on Loop 288 in Denton. as i was going back and forth outside and inside they swooped in and took care of the girls for me. at one point i came in and found emmeline cuddled up on the cashiers shoulder while she rang a customer up. SUPER nice. another perk is we have the same insurance companies. that "should" make things go a little smoother.
i just hate dealing with accidents. so much red tape and phone calls, repeating what happened to around 10 different people. i think they are just trying to trip you up. that is where i am hoping the same insurance will come in handy. either way they have to pay.
the big perk is that there were no people in car. i am go grateful and no one was hurt in our cars or while having to avoid my rolling car.
my last accident was 14 years ago. i fell asleep on the way to work after school and rear ended someone. luckily no one was really hurt then either. which was amazing because my car didn't have an airbag and the other car's seat belts failed. hopefully this isn't increasing my chances statistically that i will be in an accident where someone actually does get hurt.


Laura said...

Oh no! Oh Megan that is terrible! Is this THAT Nissan from Wymount days? Or is this a newer one?

Megan said...

nope. same old nissan. that thing wont die.

Terra said...

I miss my nissan...I'm glad no one was hurt and that Emmeline decided to give her minions a break and be adorable while you delt with everything.