A Little Spring Break

We didn't do quite as much this spring break as last year but we tried to do at least a few fun family things. I already mentioned a few posts ago that we went to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. We got a membership to the Dallas Nature and Science Museum last year for spring break so this year we opted to try Fort Worth. This is it's second year open. It ended up being smaller then Dallas but has some really neat stuff for Isa's age. The one thing i found kind of annoying/weird is that there are separate lines for each exhibit area that you have to wait in. luckily the lines moved pretty fast.

they had the huge lite brite like Discovery Place. Isa was really into matching up all the colors.

Em even got the hang of the pegs. she didn't appreciate being interrupted though.

They had an exhibit on loan from Boston about China. Emmeline really enjoyed learning to write Chinese.

i was pretty disappointed when we found the water area. we asked about this specifically when we got our membership. em can barely reach over the side.

Isabella is like a little monkey whenever she gets the chance.

we were trying to explain to her that little sisters want to do everything their big sisters do so she should probably stop being so adventurous in front of em.

Isa though it was pretty cool how loud they were.

This is the entrance to the children's area. in my opinion it was the coolest part.

The BIG news of the day was...EMMELINE PLAYED IN THE SANDBOX!!!!!
this was a huge deal to me. she has some sensory issues, especially with her right hand. we have been trying to get her to play in sand forever and she really, really didn't like it. for some reason today was the day.

helping isa dig up dinosaur bones

not really sure what she is doing other then her never ending goal to get as dirty as possible whenever we are out.

funny face

more digging

other then the fact that emmeline completely refused to eat her lunch later, surprise surprise it was a pretty good day. we even got to go to mellow mushroom in fort worth while we were there.


Laura said...

I know those places are supposed to be for little kids, but I think they're so cool!

Mary Ann said...

Fantastic pictures! Isabella is so tall, and Emmeline looks very grown up too.

Last summer we went to an excellent children's museum in Cincinnati. The kids played and played for hours, loved it and so did I.

Rise said...

Great pictures! Thanks for posting them. I miss you guys :(

Terra said...

Yeah, I remember when Emmeline almost barfed on me to teach me NOT to put her feet in the sand...I think she was under a year old. Strong convictions that one:)

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the fun pictures!

Brittany H. said...

Em's hair is so long! And way to go on the sandbox breakthrough!! Your girls are so cute.

Amber Nish said...

Just realized you were a blogger:) We love the Ft. Worth Museum..though we have never done Dallas, so I cant compare. I will say that we have NEVER been when there was a line..and we have gone often. However, we have also chosen to NEVER go over spring break..haha! So, have faith, its really a great little place..Em will really enjoy it while the kids are in school. Maybe we will renew our membership and have to go together some time:)

Megan said...

that would be awesome! you'll have to let me know!