Cuddle Time

We had almost a week off of school a few weeks ago because we got hit with quite the ice then snow storm. in Texas. i guess this stuff follows us. either way it was great. we had elephant ears, watched movies, and most importantly cuddled. Isabella and Emmeline were very cute. Isa LOVES being a big sister and Emmeline loves letting her.

Isabella made a little bed for her in this laundry basket.

she stayed in it for a LONG time. she was a little annoyed that i made Isa move so i could get a picture of just her.

this was the souvenir Emmeline picked at disneyworld. josh held up several to choose from and she jumped out of the stroller to try and get it. she wouldn't let him go. now she sleeps with him every night.

a closer look at the cuteness.


Rise said...

Emmeline is every girl's dream - a real live baby doll :)

Brittany H. said...

Oh my word--Isa looks so grown up! We're planning a trip to Disneyworld this summer: any tips/suggestions?

Megan said...

use the rider swap and get a stroller as a wheel chair tag for your stroller from guest services. are you staying on site?

Terra said...

You have some pretty cute kids:)