You're Doing It Wrong

Yes that too, but that is another post. Hehe.

Anyway, kids shows now suck. What are Tv executives thinking. Are their choices for writers and creators that bad? i feel like i am getting dumber and dumber the more kids shows i watch. no wonder more kids have speech delays now then when we were kids. These shows are killing their brain cells. there are a few exceptions. most of the shows on pbs are passable. i love some Word Girl and Martha Speaks, not to mention The Electric Company. Disney has a few that are OK. The Mickey Mouse clubhouse keeps my super villain happy so it keeps me happy.
If I could slowly torture pretty much everyone at Nick Jr i would do it. they deserve it. Here are my issues with Nick Jr shows.

1) THEY YELL EVERYTHING!!!! annoying huh?
i think they all probably failed their infant hearing screening but rather then get a hearing aid they just decided to make everyone else yell.

2) their characters have HUGE heads.
i mean come on, the world isn't run by bobble heads.

3) There is a complete lack of parental involvement
Where are the parents!!??
every baby animal the wonder pets save ends up running home to their parents who always say "oh, i was so worried about you" really?! then were the heck were you while these 3 school house pets saved your kid!? let alone supervising them so they didn't do something like say play on a dangerous roof?
in Kai-lan (HUGE head!) her grandfather makes token appearances but never corrects that stupid tiger rintoo when he is being to rough or just plain mean. Those animals are throwing temper tantrums left and right. get it together gramps. i think you are a little to old to be left alone with the "kids" anymore.
hey, if my kid yelled all the time i would probably wander off and let someone else bail them out too.

4) Everything works out the second time around.
if at first you don't succeed try, try again. if you fail again, just quit, you're no good at it. every time there is something a character can't do, if they just do it a second time it works. what exactly are we teaching kids here? no wonder isa wants to quite things left and right. i guess when she can do it perfect the second time we will know we found the money maker.

5) (this is more of a side note) They are culturally insensitive.
there is a wonder pets episode that really gets under my skin. they save the fiddler crab on the roof. that's right. an implied JEWISH crab. he even had an accent! (please no Jewish jokes). i am incredibly sensitive about Judaism. i know, i know, i'm not Jewish. it just bothers me. why would you have a non-kosher animal portray a Jew? seriously.

cartoons from when i was a kid might not have been "educational" but at least they weren't teaching me bad life skills.

i didn't think i could really bounce out of trouble like the gummi bears or make someone be nice to me with a care bear stare (another post entirely). I knew that i couldn't access a magical door and play with the fluppys. i did however manage to learn my numbers, colors, letters, reading, writing, etc without those being part of my TV line up. granted i did yell a lot but who wouldn't when you are the youngest of 5 kids?

so, come on tv people, do your kids watch this stuff? if so, spend more time with them and you'll see how annoying it is and how annoying they will become without a little parental interference.


Matthew said...


Side point, don't you remember when we would sneak to watch he-man, a-team, knight rider, etc.

No so much of the life skills there... Also, some of those were not supposed to be kid's shows, but I digress...

Megan said...

i do remember watching knight rider. i loved that car. josh will be thrilled to read i watched a-team. i totally don't remember that.

Marianne said...

I think Dora yells, she doesn't talk. (And personally, I like Diego more. Less annoying.) But Addie LOVES Dora. And she likes Max & Ruby. Seriously? That show is so boring, it makes me want to cry. (A whole show around a bossy older sister who is too big for her own bunny britches? Who WRITES this stuff?)

I think my brain is rotting.

Chernobyl said...

If I were Dora, I would invest in a sniper rifle. But does she ever do anything but give Swiper the hand? No. Even a "gentle discipline" parent would sit down with him and tell him how his stealing hurts their feelings. I'd probably steal from her too.

Some of those shows don't have any parents at all. Toot & Puddle is cute, but where do they get all of that money to travel around the world? And why does no one ever try to eat them? Two pigs. They never get angry. They'd never see it coming.