When I was in college I took and educational psychology class during my very brief stint as an education major. In this class we took a creativity test. I got a zero. That's right I have absolutely zero creativity. When I tell people about it they usually say the same thing. "Of course you have some creativity, everyone does!".
Today Josh and I watched a TED speaker who talked about how modern education is killing creativity. He said he judges creativity on the usefulness of an original idea. I am pretty sure in those parameters I am a zero. I have a super hard time coming up with original ideas. Well, as long as I am given no examples I might be able to come up with something passable, maybe.
I love pottery. Well, as long as I can keep my hands wet. It always amazed me all the tings you can do with clay. It can be made to look like pretty much anything. Even though it is something I feel inspires me I still can't come up with original stuff. I guess in a sense what I make is original because even though I love it, I am still terrible at copying so it doesn't really end up looking very much like what i am trying to replicate. not for lack of trying though.
i wish i had creativity. when I try to be creative I usually enjoy it. It relaxes me. That is until I sit back and look at what I have been working so hard on. Then I get kind of depressed at what looks like a pre-K art project. It would be nice if my enjoyment were better reflected in my finished piece.
Either way, I don't really think any of my attempts could be called useful.


Josh said...

Josh: The speaker said every child is born with creativity, but it's educated out of them by the public schools.

Megan: Yeah, but I was home schooled.

I got nothing...

Angel Rogers photography said...

The more you work with clay, the more you will get original ideas. I didn't know you liked ceramics! keep going, girl!

Bennie said...

In 1991 I attended a seminar in Miami conducted by the world's leading authority on motivating employees. During the Q and A session, someone asked, "What do we do with the dead wood?" Dr. Demming replied, "If you have dead wood in your organization it means you hired dead wood, which was a silly thing to do; or you hired live wood and killed it." I have never forgotten that remark.