More Later

so...we went to the fort worth children's museum today. It was pretty fun. We got some cute pictures that i will be trying to post tomorrow. I just had to post this annoying tidbit though. Right after we got there and bought out tickets and Isa got into an activity, the fire alarm went off. At first i thought it was a sound effect for one of the exhibits. it was that quiet. anyway that isn't the annoying part. after they started evacuating everyone i got Isa and calmly (seriously) told her there would be alot of people trying to get out so to stay very close to me and we followed josh and em to the door.
at this point the women behind me apparently thought she was either going to die or thought she was the only one trying to leave the building. she ran into the back of my leg. i let it go, there were alot of people. she immediately did it again. i turned around, not only did she not apologize, she ran into me again while i was looking at her. i figured evacuating for a fire wasn't the time to start something. i moved to the other side of the hallway as quickly as i could. i kept my eyes on her to make sure i stayed away from her. i thought maybe she didn't know she was running into me since i hadn't said anything to her. while watching i noticed her hit 4 more people. pretty much EVERYONE she was behind. several people turned and said something to her. she would give them a blank slightly annoyed look and as they would move away she would hit the next person in front of her!
the thing is she wasn't really in a hurry. it's not like she was freaking out about trying to get out. as far as i could tell, she was just rude, self centered and inconsiderate. for some reason she really got under my skin. i even heard several more people outside talking about the "lady" who hit them with her stroller and it just got my angrier and angrier. It is people like this i just want to beat repeatedly while yelling "there are other people in the world! you are not THAT important!"


Josh said...

"i figured evacuating for a fire wasn't the time to start something"

LOL--you should have started something. I've never seen you start anything with someone.

Matthew said...

Serious social contract breakdown. My current diggs are full of people like that - drives me nuts.

Is there any chance she was mentally challenged, or was this just rank sociopathy?

Megan said...

well, i mean obviously she was mentally challenged.

josh, for some reason i am less confident with picking fights when you are around. i think i am afraid of embarrassing you. i know you probably thing it would be fun to watch but lets face it, an upset perkins isn't pretty.

Bennie said...

So, what about Isabella? Did she get out? :)

Terra said...

Welcome to WA. Other than the fact that it is contantly raining the thing I hate the most is all the people who seem to not grasp the simple concept of:

Two masses can NOT occupy the same space! I can not count how many times people have walked into me while I'm out and seemed oblivious. Or even better played chicken with me because for some reason they think I should get out of their way. Like when we are both in an isle of a store and now they want to be exactly where I am standing...clearly I should move- never mind I'm doing something there. Yesterday at the grocery store I went around 3 seperate people who were blocking the way with their bodies and carts and when I got to the section I needed a lady pushed her cart right up next to me and stared at me ( I didn't move) then she kind of nugged her cart and said "excuse me". Because clearly she couldn't just push her cart around the display I just walked around to get to where I needed to go. I keep asking myself how socially unacceptable it would be to scream at her to "Get away from me and go around to the other side!"
I'm thinking it would be pretty bad. (but everyday I'm that much closer to being the crazy lady in the store)

Megan said...

i always know where me kids are. isa was calmly holding onto our stroller, which wasn't hitting anyone, walking right next to me. emmeline was in her daddy's arms

Josh said...

It's ironic that you would worry about embarrassing me after our the $2.70 fiasco at IKEA yesterday ;)

Megan said...

i was the embarrassed one after YOUR fiasco at ikea yesterday.

Mindy Jo said...

I wanna know what happened at IKEA yesterday!
Megan, You can be an angry Perkins in front of me ANYtime! :)
Love you!

Chernobyl said...

Clearly her deck is missing a few cards...though I say it myself.