Things I Thought About You In The Middle Of The Night

To the "person" who stole my phone from Walgreens tonight.  Here are a few thoughts about you as I sat awake feeling to violated to sleep.

You are Crap
You are worthless to everyone
You shame everyone who knows you
You probably don't care
You have an evil heart
You make me sick
You are devious
Your mother failed you
You failed your mother
I would spit in your face
I would take out a billboard with your picture on it saying you are a thief, while showing me spitting in your face
You feel self entitled
You are probably all cozy in your bed with MY phone charging on your nightstand
You invaded me
You stole pictures of MY KIDS
The thought of you seeing those pictures makes me want to vomit
I wish you could feel what I feel
Do you even have feelings?
I would spit in your face again
You are disgusting
You can go to hell and I hope you do
You better not taint MY phone with Candy Crush
You are conniving
You are sleazy
Your thoughtlessness will haunt me forever and if I get to be a ghost I will haunt you forever
I'm glad me pushing the "play sound" button on icloud over and over irritated you so much you had to turn off MY phone
I hope karma bites you and then craps on your face
I hate your face
I hate you


Anonymous said...

Is this where I get to make hypocritical comments about Christians being big meanies and not forgiving people and atheists being the good guys? I can never tell....

Megan said...

Is this the part where I do a mean blog post about you not being supportive? I can never tell....

Anonymous said...

Ha! Trick question. It's always time to do a mean blog post about me not being supportive.