I Can't Believe You'd Leave A Girl Hanging!

Whenever I feel bored or just need something to keep my brain busy I hit the handy little "Next Blog" button in the left hand corner of my blog.  Off I go into some random blog.  Sometimes they are good.  Mostly it's some Mommy Blogger who wants to tell everyone how she just had an epiphany about how she "doesn't have to do it all"  or  "how she made 50 freezer crock pot meals and you can too!"  Neither of which I am really into.   There are also a HUGE amount of blogs that never get updated.  If you haven't updated in over 1.5 years then just throw in the towel.  Shut it down!
The ones I really like are the ones that are honest.  That blog about their crappy day or the person that really got on their nerves and made them never want to leave the house again. No, my blog isn't the only one like that out there.
 I do have to admit that the medical ones are my favorite.  I like popping in and looking back several years so I can see all the progress in just a few minutes.  It's like those youtube videos that show a kid growing up really fast.  I think it ultimately stems from the fact that I don't like to wait.  I hate watching new tv shows, waiting for phone calls, having appointments, pretty much anything that requires me to wait for something to happen.
The problem are those blogs that peak my interest and then don't follow through.  I devour their posts getting all engrossed in the story, excited to find out what happens next.  That's when I see it.  They haven't updated in years.  It's like writing half a book, publishing it and then saying "oh, never mind, I'm bored with this".  Rude.
I found just one such blog written by a Doctor no less.  He treated Alzheimer's patients.  It was a very intriguing and heart wrenching blog.  Whether said doctor became too busy or decided it infringed on his patient's rights I don't know.  Mostly because he didn't say.  But either way he should said something, anything.  All it does is peak people's interest and then not follow through.
Shut it down! It's not even really that hard.  I mean seriously, you're a doctor!

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Brittany H. said...

haha Sometimes a friend will ask me what I did today, and I will admit I cried my eyes out over a stranger's heartwrenching experience that I stumbled upon!