And It Spread

Its not a surprise to most that The Avett Brothers are my FAVORITE band.  They came through Dallas last year but we opted out because it was in a bar with standing room only.  Thanks but I'll just listen to them in the comfort of my home.  Well, This year they came through and were at a much larger venue. I was really going back and forth about it because I don't really like spending money on myself.  Josh went behind my back and bought the tickets anyway.  He even sprung for the more expensive of the tickets I was looking at and I'm glad he did because it started to rain as soon as we got there and then cheaper seats weren't covered.
I haven't been to many concerts.  I think the only other one I have seen is Rufus Wainwright so I don't have a lot of experience.  I LOVED it.  It was amazing.  The only thing slightly off putting was that the base was up so loud that it actually made my heartbeat irregular.  I got used to it though.  I love that music.  I could feel it pulsing through my body and brain and I totally relaxed.  It was wonderful.   Especially after my rather rough week.
Then it hit me.  It will never sound like this to Emmeline.  She will never hear this the way I do.  There is nothing I can do for her.  No one I can argue with to get her where I am right now.   Will she ever know that?  Could she ever really understand that?  Probably not.  Her brain will adapt and make the most of what she has.  Brains are cool like that.  But I'll know.  I'll know that the most she can do is feel the base that I found slightly annoying.  She wont ever hear it.  It makes me kind of sad.  She might not even like music anymore after the CI.  The choices we have to make for our kids.  But she'll be able to hear my voice and I hope that matters to her.

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