The Year Of Hole Closures

Most of my time is spent on the phone with receptionists.  If I am lucky enough to get through what I refer to as "the door guard", I then get to talk to the Nurse.  Who then relays whatever she deems necessary to the actual Doctor.  If they think my question is worth answering then they will relay the reply back through our adult game of telephone to me.  Part of me understand why they do this and the other part HATES it.  I inevitably have another question about whatever the doctor's response was which just starts things all over again.  I spend whatever part of my time that isn't on the phone waiting for my phone to ring.  The part I hate the most is when the clock hits about 4:45 and I know I will now have to hope they remember my question in the morning and start our game all over again.
I can count on one hand the number of times an actual Doctor called me and only one other time it has been after 5pm.
I have been playing "telephone" all day with several Doctor offices in regards to Emmeline's cochlear implant none of which were wrapped up before they closed shop.  So you can imagine my surprise when my phone rang at 5:05pm and when I picked up an actual Doctor was on the other line.  It wasn't just a regular Doctor either, it was a Surgeon!  It took me a few second to recover.  It wasn't about Emmeline's CI.
What was it about you ask?  After 3 years of back and forth we are finally getting Emmeline's ASD repaired!!!  I am SUPER excited about it!  Not only does this mean my daughter wont be walking around with a hole in her heart, but they will be able to close it with a catheter via her femoral artery!  Sorry I know that's a lot of exclamation points.  I am just glad to be wrapping it up.  This will hopefully have a positive impact on her CI "issues" we are having right now but I'll go into that in a post of two.
YAY!!! No more hole!!!!  Being myself I feel like I should point out that she will still have her other defect (bicuspid aortic valve) but it shouldn't impact her for several decades and is treatable at that time.

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