Race Etiquette, It Exists!

I hate racing.  It combines my two least favorite things.  Appointments and stupid people. I get super anxious knowing that I have to be somewhere at a specific time.  Super anxious.  I'll leave it at that.  Let's brake it down shall we?

1)  Parking:  There is never enough local parking for a race.  Never.  Race officials will usually tell you if and where nearby businesses are that will allow parking.  This does NOT mean that the roads become sidewalks for racers to walk on to get to the race.  Have some self preservation and move the the side!  I will nick you.

2) Line up:  This kills me.  Please read carefully.  When the announcer says runners toward the front, walkers toward the back here is what you should do.  If are going to RUN the WHOLE thing go the front.  If you are going to run the first 100-400 yards and then stop dead the middle of the trail and walk.  MOVE TOWARD THE BACK!!!!!   It is VERY dangerous for everyone for you to stop and walk in front of people who are running.  Other runners can't read your mind and that is how crashes happen.  Also, I don't care how fast your kid thinks they are.  If the haven't run several 5Ks before and you know they can do it, make them start in the back.  I will run them over.

3) Stay to the right!:  It's not hard.  Left is for passing right is for cruising.  Just like on interstate.  If i wanted to bob and weave I would have taken up boxing.  Maybe I should try box running and see if people stay out of my way then.  I think I could start a real craze.  This especially holds true for those runner who are really walkers.  Did you not realize this race had more people then just you?  NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE  should EVER EVER be running down the middle!  There is no reason to do this.

4) Appropriate Music:  Once again I assume you know this is an actual race with other people in it.  Some of those people are children.  Please, if you are going to listen to music so loud other runners can hear it, make sure it is appropriate for those in hear shot.  I would rather my daughter not here about adult themed subjects while trying to get some exercise.  On that note, if you are going to listen to music via headphones you need to make sure you can still hear what is going on around you.  While you're rocking out you are running everyone else off the road.

5)  Water stops:  DO NOT walk through a water stop.  Some of us don't use the water stop so this isn't our break time.  I get that you are thirsty and tired but this isn't a rest stop!   If you want to stop then get your cup and step off the side of the trail.  Not everyone stops here.

6) After the finish line:  I know you just ran/walked your little heart out but please, please do not cross the finish line and immediately stop.  You aren't done until you clear the finishing area.  Once again a great way to get trampled.

7) Walking to your car:  This one should be obvious but, cars are bigger than you.  Stay out of the way.  I don't care how tired you are.  Look before you cross and STAY TO THE RIGHT!!!!

Thank you.


Carly said...

I detest races... for the same reason... oh and that people who run races, sometimes are NOT RUNNERS. Just people crossing a task off their bucket list.
Well written and I couldn't agree more.
Signed an elitist running snob! Haha

Terra said...

If only people took a second to thinknabout these things!
Another point is...I LOVE that you and your friends came out together and you are having a blast with your friends and staying active, BUT don't lock arms and run or walk three abreast blocking everyone behind you. Same goes for strollers. If you can't keep up with those around you move back!

Suzanne Gomez said...

Oh crap, I hope your not talking about me! Thanks for your help on Sat!

Megan said...

:) no I'm not :) glad i could help!

Anonymous said...

Not to sound like an A-hole, but you're in a race. These things all just sound like occupational hazards. Suck it up, buttercup.