Some Things I Love

Kissing my sleeping babies right before I got to bed
Fully leaded Dr Pepper
Heavy blankets and the fan on at night
Being done working out for the day
A freshly vacuumed floor
The last few minutes of my shower when I turn the hot water WAY up
Showering without interruption
Watching Isa dance
When Emmeline holds my face nose to nose with hers and stairs into my eyes
Watching Josh teach the girls
Hiding and listening to Emmeline play pretend with herself
Honey, sunflower seeds and blueberries
My hair long
Cuddling in PJs until well past lunch time
Having second breakfast
Surprise packages in the mail

Among other things

1 comment:

Brittany H. said...

Love that list! So many of those would be on mine too...except the ones about your kids...