Why I Hate Posting On Vacation

Let's be honest.  Most people don't want to read a non photo blog post.  Photos help keep people's attention and entertain.  Well, I have no photos.  At least not on this computer. So, NO PICTURES FOR YOU!
We have done some fun stuff though.  We did manage out goal of getting to NC in one day.  It was brutal at times but we have become real road warriors.  One of the first things we did when we got here was celebrate my 32nd birthday.  I feel like I'm 60.  My body is continuing to fall apart.  I wanted to come up with something fun and out of the ordinary to do so I could use the P and R quote "In my defense, it was my birthday and I really wanted to do it"  but being the special brand of lame that I seem to be lately, I couldn't come up with anything.  Well, nothing that I wouldn't have to hide from my kids for 11 years or so.  I did come VERY close to confronting my fear of non pool water be doing a polar bear plunge in a lake at 10pm but that didn't pan out.  AT least I did 2 things I have always wanted to do this year.  I did a food challenge, and I took a ballet class.  I guess that makes it a success?  I'll go with that.
Next we went to see Uncle Quentin and Aunt Lauren.  It was a TON of fun.  we did lots of baking and went to see Christmas lights.
When I got back to Boone it has been baking and assembling gingerbread houses.  I am VERY tired and we haven't even gotten to Christmas Eve yet!
Becca and Joe got in today and Abby and Tadd get here tomorrow!  It's going to be a full house.  Let's see if we can all play nice ;)

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Brittany H. said...

bahahaha "special brand of lame"