No Thanks, You Can Keep Your Lung Cancer

I can't go on real runs.  Well, I could but I think we all know my stance on choosing between sleep and exercise.  Anyway, I have started running the stairs outside our apartment.  I can do it whether or not Josh is home because if the girls need me I'm right outside the door.  And boy have they needed me mid run.
I try to do it in the morning so I am not competing for the stairs with other people.  Well, most people.  Apparently the smokers are going nuts after going all night without smoking and they come out of woodwork.  One woman came come from her 3rd shift job and told me as she trudged up the stairs while puffing on a cigarette, that she wished she was doing that but just needed some motivation.  How about putting out that cigarette for starters?  Because not only does that make it harder for you to get going it actually makes it harder for me to move as well.  Yeah, Thanks.
There is another neighbor who no kidding, came out and smoked a cigarette, went back in her apartment and then came out and smoked another one before I was done.  I run for 20 minutes.  REALLY?!
I think there should be smoking sections in life.  You can only smoke there, no where else.  Does that infringe on your rights as a person? I don't care!  I mean, we have special areas to take your dog to poop.  Poop wont even kill me.  But you might.  I'll trade you.  Smoke for Poop?  Oh, it's too cold for you and you don't want to go all the way out of the stair well to smoke?  Too freaking bad!!!  This is the outdoors, and you my non friend are ruining it for everyone!   So go kill yourself on your time and not while I'm trying to be healthy!  Can't you see I'm miserable enough doing this without your nicotine floating into my already overtaxed lungs!?

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