Too Organized

I like to know where things are and I usually do. At any given moment if josh or isa ask where to find something i know where about 85% of the time. during the reorganization re-haul on the house a few weeks ago i made sure everything had a place and was in it's place. my big problem is...i don't remember the places i put everything. i'm sure at the time my reasoning to place something where i did made sense to me. now it does not. this might have to do with the fact that everything got moved around or that my cognitive abilities are slightly impaired right now or a combo of both. most things i can't find aren't a big deal right then. one big thing i am missing however is my card reader for my digital camera. this in turn means no cute pictures i have been taking for the last few months for my blog readers. just boring whiny words. sorry. not even much of those really. sorry again.
life hasn't been going exactly smoothly lately. after my june joint swelling my health hasn't really been getting any better. nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and week long migraines have been happening more and more here. it has made reading for more then 2-5 minutes impossible without getting sick much less any typing. sometimes i can do nothing at all and be huddled in the bed incapacitated. not fun for anyone. especially josh. he has been great, if not incredibly freaked out. i am not a sickly person. so for me to be incapacitated means i am in trouble. with him in school now it has gotten a bit more difficult but still manageable. thank goodness.
add to all my fun emmeline graduating from ECI to public school therapy and isa homeschooling and i don't know where i get the time and energy to be sick. the school system better start being nicer or they will soon learn why Perkins' are usually quarantined when they are sick.
in the mean time i guess i should mess the house up again so i can find things.


Josh said...

You leave the messing up of the house to me. That's my job :)

Matthew said...

I think the better my life gets, the worse your seems to get.

Perhaps you are suffering from a deficiency of cocoa almonds?

Hope you feel better soon!

Josh said...

I found the card reader. It's in the bottom of my bag.

Megan said...

your mac has a built in reader!!