The This'

I'm sick. It might be this, this, this, or this. the problem I have is that i also have this and when doctors hear that they stop listening. i can see their point. why waste their time? it's all in my head right?
gosh i hope so. that would be so much easier. but in reality i have had anxiety for as long as i can remember. i'm an old pro at it. i know how it feels. i have never felt like this before. weak, slow, dizzy, loss of focus, nauseous, joint swelling, fatigue, migraines and yes anxious! who wouldn't be when you have been otherwise healthy your whole life and then all of a sudden start falling apart! i feel sick more then i don't. i think it is the not knowing why that freaks me out the most. is it progressive? am i just going to get sicker and sicker until i can't even function? scared and quite frankly at a loss.


Whitney said...

Oh Megan that sucks! I have bad anxiety too so I understand. Its NOT all in your head, yes anxiety is debilitating, but Ive also had anxiety with other physical problems, it is NOT one and the same! I hope your drs. figure it out so you can feel better soon! :( Praying for you!

Terra said...

I think you're just old...that or Emmeline really IS slowly sucking your soul out.