The Dry Well

I find this sentiment applies to multiple areas of my life right now. First I can't seem to come up with clever or interesting blog posts. Is my life really that boring? I feel really busy but I guess deep down I know it's a busy that no one else really wants to hear about. Next it applies to close local friends. It is super hard for me to make and keep close friends now days. I just end up being flaky and hard to get a hold of which aren't good friend qualities. Then comes all family relationships that I need to "invest" myself in. Not much there to invest. I feel like my well is dry. I would gladly give what I have but who would want it? It's like offering someone your half eaten, smushed sandwich. You get this look like "really, this is all you've got? Well, OK."
Here's to hoping something fun interesting happens to me soon. I like fun interesting.


Terra said...

You know that I'll eat almost anything:)

Rise said...

If you can hold out for a few months we are going to have FUN!!! And interesting too I'm guessing.