Isa's Bridging Ceremony

Isa had her re-dedication/bridging ceremony today for Girl Scouts. It was super cute. I a m so glad she loves Girl Scouts like I do. We are super excited for her first troop camp out in October! She had several big roles and felt very important.

Job #1 Color Guard
She was very worried she would be late and the flag would touch the ground.

The Girl Scout pledge

Job #2 reading part about what the world would be like if people didn't help each other

Pinning with her troop leader

Posing picture

She also had another speaking part where she read a very cute poem written to make parents cry. Evil poem. I did not take pictures of it though because I was recording it. I am not computer or blogger savvy enough to get it off my phone let alone put it on here so you will just have to take my word for how cute she was. Cute. Side note, she is wearing tights and a pink leotard under her clothes because we had to rush from Nutcracker rehearsal and fitting to get there in time. Busy but totally worth it.


Brittany H. said...

Thanks for the side note...I was wondering about those tights. haha I loved Girl Scouts!

Megan said...

yeah i thought she would be a little embarrassed about them since she is so particular about her clothes but apparently they were just what her outfit needed. :)

Rise said...

I bet at the next meeting all the other girls will be wearing tights :) Cute pictures!

Terra said...

She's adorable. And now I miss her more than ever.

Matthew said...

Girl Scouts turns kids lesbian.

Megan said...

shhh. don't tell josh.