A Life So Far

So, Em is 3. I feel old. She is old. We are going through a lot of changes. i am in denial a bout most of them. I am unsure about a lot of things right now. One thing i know for sure is that my little 3 year old AWESOME!!! she has come amazingly far in her 3 short years. I couldn't find some of the pictures i wanted. I honestly felt like we didn't take that many pictures of Emmeline. mostly because i didn't really want t o be remembering what we were going through. then i realized that we would be going through "it" for a while so i started taking pictures. apparently we took more then i thought because there were a TON to go through. Anyway i figured the pictures explain most of it so i wont go on for a long time here. i will say the pictures definitely leave out the vomit i was swimming in for 2 years. Plus the last few days. lucky you.

still in there.

barely not in there.

whole. this is before any of her 8 surgeries.

cute little Buddha picture.

The hardest day and the beginning of many more.

Isa finally getting to visit.

Isa holding her.

Post G-tube installation. This one was the hardest for me. I chose to permanently scar her.

First Halloween. same day as G-tube

Her own little prison.

She had to wear the O2 24/7 back then because babies nap so much.

Her sleep set up. She still twirls her hair when she sleeps.

Working hard.

She got hours and hours of PT with Appy in NC.

First Christmas

One of many ventings.

More Appy therapy. Really.

Yes it looks like i am sitting on my daughter's chest. No, I am not really. This machine is a godsend but we both hate using it. Our power booger sucker!

Sometimes it's just to hard.

Playing at the park.

Scottish pride. She won best legs in a kilt form the local radio station!

Cousin play time. Before she felt confident with her balance.

Just darn cute!

She did not appreciate her 1st birthday cake. When we moved i set a goal with her speech therapist that she would eat at least one bite of her 2nd birthday cake with out crying. See below.

Right after we moved to Texas.

I'm not sure why she smiling here because I remember her crying at this cake too. maybe she wasn't sure what it was yet.

Bath face.

Ready to play in her first snow. She didn't care for it.

Christmas sister kisses.

The tongue helps with core strength of course.

1st sleep study. Worst night in a hospital EVER!

Our winters, and sometimes summers.

2nd birthday cake.

Sliding on her own at the Dallas Nature and Science Museum.

2nd sleep study. Josh did this one for me. :)

Respect the bun!!

Her best friend Eeyore. We start back with him on Friday!!!!!

The tiny Chef.

Yep. That's my girl. Go ahead, tell her she can't do something!


Matthew said...

Thanks for the retrospective!

Em is lucky to have such a great family.

Megan said...

yeah, josh said it was too many pictures. it's probably the last year i can do the progression. i just start looking and it's hard to only pick a few.

Terra said...

You made an adorable baby who not only rules every adult around her but will one day rule the WORLD! I loved the photo progression. Josh under estimates mine and at least Dad's attention span when looking at photos:) Maybe next year you can put in a slide show or something if you feel like it makes the post too long. I also liked remembering which ones I took:) There's a video of you booger sucking Emmeline too!

Megan said...

yeah but it's way to scary for the public.

Josh said...

I didn't say there were too many pictures! I only said that it was a lot to scroll through if you were just checking comments.