The Things I Do For This Face (a little more appetizing)

last year Isa wasn't in school on her birthday. she really missed being able to have a treat at school with her friends. this year her birthday falls on the last day of school so i was determined to do something. i set up a date and time with her teacher. then i made the mistake of asking her what she wanted me to bring. first she wanted three different kinds of cupcakes with three different icings. um, nope. i told her she had to pick one flavor. she was pretty disappointed and asked for some time to think about it. a few days later she told me what she wanted after having seen one of the cooking blogs i follow. Rainbow Donuts. i agreed. yes i am that cool. i think they turned out pretty good but since i am calorie restricting i haven't actually tasted one. i mean, come on, fried dough covered in sugar. they have to be good.

the leftovers. covered in sugar of course.

the close up artsy one


Brittany H. said...

Wow, yes you are amazing!

Mindy Jo said...

are you for real?
you are, aren't you?!
how do you maintain all your crazy willpower!?
love you!

Megan said...

my will power kind of broke on the way home from school and ate quite a bit of icing out of the empty pan.

Laura said...