Finally Finished

The project took FOREVER!!!!!! i thought i would be able to crank it out in a long weekend but i didn't take into account how long paint needs to cure before you put anything on it. anyway. my sister terra originally got my nana's dining room set. this included a table that seats 6 with chairs and a hutch. neither were really my style but we didn't have a table so when terra offered it to me i took it. as you can see it has a yellowish 70s type finish to it. very, very unappealing. i kind of regretted taking it because it not only isn't my style but it does not fit in our dining room. i, however, am SUPER cheap so we kept it. after a while though it really started getting to me. josh got excited at getting rid of it and not having to move it again. i guess he forgot how cheap i am. before we ditched it i wanted to try refinishing it. here we go.

here is what i started with.

yucky yellow/orange finish.

after sanding for a bit i decided to head to home depot for a consult (in hopes that there was a way around all the sanding). this is where i met Dave. my paint guy. he gave me the bad news gently. i either had to use a primer, which would mess up my desired end result, or sand the whole thing. my arm is tired.

and this is only the bottom half.

on to painting. oh, wait. i forgot to take any pictures of that. maybe it was my haste in trying to paint while em either didn't notice or wasn't around. sorry. i ended up using a black oil based paint used on boats.

so.. here is what i ended up with

in the end i sanded the whole thing twice. i didn't like it at first. i was hoping to only sand a bit but once i sanded an area you could really tell unless i sanded the whole thing once over after painting. this made it look a bit more distressed then i intended but within a few days a liked it. anything way better then before though.

the lighting sucks in my house

a lot of work but at least we like it now. plus it kept me busy which is always good. now to get a table we like.


Brittany H. said...

Uh-mazing!! Love it!

Bennie said...

Really nice. Good job.

Laura said...

You're amazing Megan. Seriously. Two kids and you're doing this stuff.

Terra said...

I really like the new hardware. When I had the set I thought that, the hardware alone was really dating.

Trivia fact. Nana and Papa had that set for pretty much their entire marriage. There are photos of it in the back ground when Dad was 4ish, so it's over 50 years old.

Megan said...

way to lay on the guilt terra.

i was super excited about the hardware. josh and were having a really hard time picking anything out. we found one almost identical to this one but it was $3.50 each. as we were about to leave i saw a clearance bucket on the bottom shelf with these in it for .83 each!!! super thrilled.

Mary Ann said...

Great work. You should submit this do design sponge. They feature makeovers / before and afters once a week.

Terra said...

.83 each is fantastic!
It IS over 50 years old. I was always kind of impressed with the fact that it didn't look it (meaning scuffs and dents in the wood)

You should submit the makeover!