Added Incentive?

So, I can't help but notice that i got no comments on the last post. This leads me to think that I didn't interest anyone enough to try it. Or maybe everyone one who reads my blog is already cooking something new for their families every night? I'm not judging but i doubt it. I thought I might add a point of interest to motivate you. Not that most people who read this blog need to even been concerned with this but it's cool none the less. Each of these meals, including one if not two of the side dishes mentioned, is at most 600 calories! the bulk of them are closer to 400-500 but a few are higher. I have a big problem with portion control. I can usually eat more then any man at the table (excluding my brother in law Joe. what can i say? he has a gift). this has lead to some extra poundage needing to be addressed and these meals helped me feel full but not gross and sluggish.
who knows? maybe you guys just aren't interested in cooking?


Brittany H. said...

I love trying new recipes, and try to add at least three new recipes to the weekly schedule. My problem is that I forget to save the ones that we really like, so the "keepers" don't get revisited that often. Oh, and about portion control--I can definitely show people something special when it comes to eating! hehe

Terra said...

I bought the stuff for the Califlower Fritters but haven't cooked them yet.

Also Jason just started the "paleo diet" and insists on following THEIR 30 day menu...lst night he stunk up the house with the smell of cooking green peppers...blegh.

Marianne said...

Actually, I think I'm gonna try it! I'm starting to like cooking, more because I hate feeding my kids noodles and cheese every night ('cause, let's be honest, we do that a lot). A lot of the recipes look awesome...even for some who's picky like me (and hates onions, peppers, and, well lots of stuff). I'm glad you posted it. :)

Josh said...
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Matthew said...

Hmmm, Josh's comment is now a mystery that will dominate my imagination.

Side point, comments are a very bad measurement of interest in a post. Maybe add a like/dislike function?

Also, calorie restriction alone very rarely works for me. I'm curious to know how you pull it off and what results you get. Keep us posted =)

Melissa said...


I think many of the recipes look really good and plan on trying some of them.


Many of these recipes are already paleo, or easily adapted to be.

Anyway, since he isn't actually following the paleo diet, I don't know what the difference is. LOL!

Megan said...

just hand him some nuts and berries and then make yourself some yummy food.

Chernobyl said...

I'm too lazy right now to try new things. I just want to get this baby out and go to sleep. Good for you though!