Isa's Birthdays

As usual Isa had multiple birthday "things" this year. i think i made 3 separate birthday desserts and that was only by the time she got to the family party she opted for ice cream. i wont go into how old i feel on this birthday. but i do.
before we do the party pictures i want to show you why i feel old.

I'm just saying. anyway here we go.

school birthday! as i said in my previous post. Isa requested these.

they were a huge hit and the kids loved them!! it made a HUGE mess in my kitchen though.

the next day was her friend party. she decided to take just a few friends roller skating instead of a huge party. (which was nice for me). i think she thought that since she had just discovered skating her friends had too. they however, were great skaters and i think it upset Isa a bit. she is still in the hold onto the edge and shuffle stage. after a few break downs i got her a little walker to push and she was much happier.

group shot

posing in the arcade

much happier with the walker

after skating we headed home for dinner and cake.

one very happy girl

josh and i intentionally did not blow up balloons because they get everywhere and it takes about a week to locate and pop them all. guess what the first thing the girls asked for was when they got into the house?

emmeline of course wanted to play too.

i think this picture accurately shows how difficult it is for someone one of her stature to carry 2 balloons.

isabella requested a blueberry cake with lemon icing for her cake this year. very yummy.

it is amazing how much noise 4 girls can make. very, giggly. isa loved her gifts. she got a motion sensor for her bedroom door, a new beach towel, and a bead pet kit. she has been playing with all of them non-stop. a good 8th birthday. did i mention that i feel old? i do.

oh, and i didn't even mention that snickerdoodles she asked for for girls scouts!


Rise said...

I love these pictures. And you are not old!

Matthew said...

Thanks for the pictures and write-up, looks like loads of fun.

Dare I ask why she wants a motion sensor for her bedroom door?

Terra said...

I bet she won't want to play with me this summer...I feel old too...except I AM older than you.

Megan said...

she had never seen a motion sensor before. i think she fell in love with it because it is shaped like a skull wearing a pink hair bow. when it is on the eyes flash red and it scares emmeline so she wont even go near her door. it's the only way she gets any alone time.

Brittany H. said...

Her hair is so crazy adorable. Also, I love how her eyes are EXACTLY the same as when she was a baby. So sweet. You are such a loving mom!