The Nastiness of You


Em has been playing pretend with here baby a lot. usually it is playing doctor. she listens to her with a stethoscope and pats her and or me on the leg and says "K". very cute. so when i saw this.

i thought "oh how cute she is changing her diaper." once i got the other side i saw she wasn't.

"oh, she's is feeding her."

"WAIT!!! what is she feeding her?!?!"

that's right. poo. out of and old diaper.

she was pretty upset that i stopped her. i however, was too grossed out to care!


Laura said...

AGH!!!!!!! That is terrible! Oh wow, that is beyond nasty. Thank you, thank you Megan

Brittany H. said...

OH! Let's hope she didn't try it out herself, first!

Terra said...

Your baby is ookie...just sayin'

Mandy said...

So nasty.. and funny at the same time! Bless you, Megan!