Blog Blah

i am feeling kind of blog blah. if that wasn't already painfully obvious. i can either go two ways. a picture post which at this point in our vacation seems totally overwhelming, or doing a "how i feel" post and those usually get ugly. so here i am. stuck and sick and tired.

on an up side my mystery joint pain and swelling seem to have gone away but seems to have left nausea behind. our vacation isn't really ending up to be much of a vacation. of course there has been family drama and WAY to much driving. em apparently hates car rides. she cries for the first 3-4 hours, then passes out, naps for about an hour and then is pretty pleasant for a few hours. then you better be there. isa has been a trooper. pretty much goes wherever, whenever and for however long you want.
i am kind of scared to get home. we have a bunch of big doctor appointments and i am a nervous wreck about them. maybe i should do a post about that. maybe.

on of the things i don't care for on vacation is that everyone you are seeing already wants to know when you will be back again and you haven't even left yet. drama.

isa is getting baptized on Saturday and it makes me feel old and unprepared. she is such a mature cutie.

i think my baby might be possessed. anyone know a good priest?

i made it up the big hill at my parent's house twice without stopping running.

em finally decided to nap 4.5 hours late. on my chest while i type. i'm serious about that priest.

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Terra said...

Emmeline has duper powers - she is absolutely horrible in the car but as soon as she's out she's so adorable grown people forget that they wanted to smother her two minutes earlier.

For the record I've enjoyed vacationing with you:) and I already know it's going to be at least a year till I see you next unless I fly out to your oven and mooch off you for a couple of days. :)