a week or two ago Isa experienced her first hail storm. I loved these as a kid. One time in particular my mom let us hold pots and pans on our head so we could run around and catch our own hail. well, Isa wasn't so keep on being out there for that long but she did want to collect some to examine.

here is is making a run for hail. i was on the porch directing her to the larger pieces.

her bowl of collected hail. you can't really see in this picture but in real life you could see all the layers of ice that froze on the way down. i finally got to teach her something fun from my geography classes.

her biggest piece. that she could reach without "really" getting in the hail.


Terra said...

I have no memory of running around with pots on my head...hmmm...I do remember convincing Austin to go run outside when it was hailing. That was funny!:)

Did you do anything with the hail or just let it melt?

Megan said...

we still have it in the freezer. you know how isa is about throwing stuff out!

Matthew said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Laura said...

Oh Megan and her geography:) I bet you know where everything is on a map!