Spring Day!

yes this is super late but i FINALLY got a new monitor (mother's day gift) so i can post pictures that weren't taken with my cell phone again.

brief explanation. we didn't have Easter when i was a kid. don't get me wrong we celebrated the religious holiday we just didn't have an "Easter bunny". instead we had the spring day bunny. he would usually come on the Saturday closest to the first day of spring (i think) and bring treats and spring time stuff like seeds and gardening tools. not my favorite part but now i can respect it. anyway, josh and i carry on this tradition with our kids. minus the seeds part. hey, we don't have a yard or anything. maybe one day. we also had an egg hunt. so here are our pictures from spring day 2011.

Isa's basket/pile

Em's basket/pile and my very messy dining room/kitchen. don't judge.

the hunt (once again kind of lame without a yard but we manage)

em put herself in charge of the basket.

Isa was really good about helping em find eggs too

other then Isa this monkey is em's best friend. i got it for her when she was about 9 months old. she "talks" to him all day and even hugs and kisses him.

just so cute...and old :(

Isa had been asking for this since a month before it came out. i had it 2 days after it came out and then had to keep it hidden in my closet for 3 weeks! it was excruciating. i had hidden it behind the place mat thinking she would then find it last. nope she found it second. right after the place mat. p.s. so after i read the post through with the picture i realized you can't see the front. it's tangled.


Brittany H. said...

I kept asking myself, "What?!" while reading the whole last paragraph. Thanks for clarifying what Isa was waiting for! haha Fun tradition!

Rise said...

Great pictures. Thanks. I love Emmeline's hair like that. And Isabella IS getting old. :( from me too.

Matthew said...

Your daughter is going to think she has a penis because you let her wear shirts with silk-screened tie AND pants. Have you no respect for traditional gender roles?

Terra said...

Your babies are getting so big...it makes me sad to be so far away. I bet Isabella won't even want to play with me the next time we see each other.
Why am I not surprised that Emmeline put herself in charge of the egg basket? You were always bossy with the hotel key! :)

Laura said...

I know I say this every time, but I still can't believe how big Isa is.