My little angel

On Fridays Isabella and I go to the cabin to workout an then to the playhouse to see her friends Orion and Gabriel. We do this every week. I was going around the house getting things ready to go when something happened that could have changed the whole day.

I was going into Isa's room to get her clothes when I saw her sitting on the bathroom floor. She does this from time to time so she can play with her bath toys. I knew something was up though because she wasn't moving. She was sitting there like a little statue. She does this when she has done something wrong in hopes that if she sits really still you wont notice what she has done. I walked in and asked her what was wrong and she pointed to her ear. She has been trying to see what fits h=in her ear since about Christmas. I stepped forward and looked in her ears and that's when I spotted it.

a few weeks ago my mom got Isa some really cute ponytail holders. They have streams of ribbon tied to hem and little rhinestones glued to the end of the ribbon. Any guesses as to what I saw? Yep, she had put one of the little rhinestones in so deep I could barely see it. I totally freaked out. This is the first thing to get stuck in my baby. I called the pediatrician begging for and appointment. They said to call the ear nose and throat doctor in Boone. I got the number and called. Since she had never been there before I had to talk to the new patient receptionist. I got her machine. I tried to leave a message as calmly as I could. After I hug up I felt helpless. I was trying to keep Isa's hands away form her ears because she was trying to get in it deeper. I had no idea what to do. Should I call Josh at work? My mom? I needed to call someone. Someone had to help my poor baby who's hearing could be permanently damaged! It was about this time that I looked down and saw Isa looking up at me with an expression o her face like "what's wrong with you?" I knew I had to calm down. I took a deep breath and decided to try and get it out myself. I'm a mom, I should be able to do this. I put on a movie to keep her attention and put Isabella on my lap. I then spent the next five minutes massaging the back lower part of her ear and I am proud to say ................I got it out. Yet another thing I can put on my mommy resume. It was really gross and covered in wax but I am proud to say my daughter can hear. I took some pictures but you can't really see anything because it's so far in there.

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