Peacock Tree

Isa and I found these really cute glittery balls in the Halloween clearance and had to get them. I love those shades!  We opted to do a peacock themed Christmas tree rather than try a Halloween craft. We just aren't really into Halloween decorations around here. 

You'll also need to pick up a cardboard tree form in whatever height you want. Then glue in whatever pattern you like. 

And glue...

And glue...

And glue...

You get it.

I hope.

This is where it takes kind of a jump because I of course forgot to take pictures while i was designing.  In my defense, I never know if I like until I get it on and then I don't want to take the decorations off just for a pictures.

I wanted the green ones to wind down the side which I love.  Here are the feathers.

Twisty top ribbon.

The back with bows.

Finished tree with topper.  This is easily my most flashy Christmas decoration but I love it! I think I will add another feather later.  Odd numbers and all that.

Price Breakdown:
Tree Base: $2.50
Multicolored balls: $1 per pack, I bought 3 but only used 2
Peacock feathers: 2/$1.79 with 50% off sale
Ribbon: $.98 with 50% off sale
Hot glue:$2.99 for bulk bag but I already had one so I'll call it $1 of glue

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