Just a Girl and Her Pony

Emmeline has been able to do therapeutic riding for several years now and it had been amazing.  She really loves it and it's adorable to watch.  She is getting so big! Here are a few pictures from her last lesson of the season.

When she started I had to hold her up so she could reach the girth buckles.

 Leading her pony

 This is called 2 pointing.  This is the first season she did it without someones hand between her hand and the fur.

 She is doing much better leading Eeyore all be herself.  She is really asserting her independence.  

 More than a little proud of herself.

 Man she loves that horse! Petting his stripes is her favorite.

Taking him back to his breakfast.

 Here she is at her first session.  So tiny and chunky!

 Loved it from the start.  Such a tough determined girl. You can really see how much she has grown comparing her leg length in this picture and the 2 point one.  Man, she is huge!


Terra said...

She is such a little Equestrian! She even has a real helmet now!

I didn't realize she was so little when she started, and now she is so big!

Horses don't have fur, they have hair;)

Megan said...

Non mane is just as much fur as a dog is.

Brittany H. said...

Wow, she has grown so much! I love the ones where she is leading the horse.