Felt Crowns

How could I not want to make these?  That little girl is adorable!

Choose your felt.  I let Emmeline pick mine.  Can you tell?

 Make yourself a template.  I just free handed mine and then fixed any problems that became apparent after I cut it out.

 I really wish I could have come up with a better way to pin it down and not have the pattern move but sadly I did not.  There was no way I was going to try that iron on wax paper from the pine cones.  That was the worst. Leave a little tab on one end to glue behind when you wrap it around

You'll need little felt circles for the points.  Just make them any size you want.

 Just wrap it in a circle and hot glue it together.  Then glue one circle per point. If you don't want to see the back of the point you could do one on each side but I didn't care.  That was Isa's favorite part.  The little purple part is the leftover part I ended up with after I had cut out the purple crown. I hated to see it go to waste so I used it as trim.  For leftovers that were bigger I made smaller crowns.  

To attach the headband I cut out a small square and then laid the headband on it and then glued around the edge of the crown (on the inside)  leave a space so the headband can move (don't glue the headband to the felt), that way you can adjust where the crown is worn on the head.  After the glue has dried trim around the outside of the crown to trim the square round. 

Some finished

My princess.  This is one of the leftover pieces.

 Some Christmas princess elves :)

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Brittany H. said...

So cute!! Maybe Chloe would keep it on...