One Child's Trash...

The girls had SO much fin in Arizona playing with their cousin Charlotte.  I'll do a post about that later but for now I had to share this little bit of cuteness.  Charlotte has a plastic slide thing.  Emmeline called it her "castle".  She would sneak outside to play on it whenever she got the chance.  

She really loved the slide. 


So when I went to take out our trash this morning and found this little gem being thrown away because it was dirty, I was all too happy to give it a home.  So like many mothers would, I dove for it.  Literally.  Banged/cut up my shin in the process but it was totally worth it for  the excitement on her little face :)  It isn't quite as cool as Charlotte's but she could barely wait for me to clean it.  She stood right next to the door waiting and when I told her it was ready she ran past me and climbed up.

Then she invited her sister. 

 It took a lot of begging to get her to look up for this picture.


Chris Harris said...

That is awesome. Charlotte wants to come over and play on it with her.

Terra said...

You are awesome! If you ever doubted :)