2 Good Years

Well, we made it a good 2 years without pneumonia.  I was hoping we were past that stage but when Emmeline came stumbling into our room at 5am on Sunday morning with a fever I just had a gut feeling.
Emmeline doesn't usual get fevers.  Unless she has pneumonia.  We were thinking of waiting a bit before we headed to the ER, but when she threw up the Advil we gave her for her fever I packed the bag and headed to the ER while stayed at home with the still sleeping Isa.
Thankfully they listened to me when I told them that she has a history of pneumonia and that was the likely culprit.  That way we were able to bypass the yucky throat scrapping strep test and go straight for the chest X-ray.
The doctor seemed pretty surprised that I thought she had pneumonia though since her lungs sounded clear.  Sure enough though, there was a spot on her lower left lung.  I think he was trying to appease me with the X-ray in retrospect and wasn't expecting to see anything on it. Don't question me OK?!

Here we are waiting with Donald for radiology.

 Not my best planning but when we ran out of pulse ox sensors about a month ago I didn't re order.  She has been doing so well that I was trying to wean myself from my addiction to having the sensor on her at night.  Anyway,  I sure wish we had some now,  especially last night.  There was no way I was going to put her in her room alone without it so we just pulled her mattress into the living room and then I slept on the couch.   It was also convenient since she needed Advil, antibiotic and breathing treatments during the night.

She is doing better today but since she is also getting over likely strep throat it is taking a bit longer then usual.  They just didn't run the actual test because it's so awful and it would have called for the same antibiotic as the pneumonia.  

Good times...

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