Do Trees Poop?

Last Monday evening I got one of the best surprises EVER!  Josh had been telling me for weeks that he wanted me to clear out our schedule for a few days around Halloween to do some family stuff.  It was a little weird since it was a Monday-Wed that he wanted but since he had been gone for 2 weekends I assumed he was just trying to get in some make up quality time.
I however, could not reschedule Emmeline's assessment wither new PT so our fun times were supposed to start when we got home around 3:00pm.  When I got home I found the COOLEST thing in my living room!  My sister Katie!!!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love a surprise pop in.  Well...from people I like.  It was a GREAT surprise since Katie and I don't get to spend a lot of time together.   I screamed like a little sorority girl at a reunion, which was a little embarrassing.

Shortly after she got here we had to take Isa to dance.  There is a park across the street so we headed over there to play and Katie got some really cute shots of Emmeline.  She also came with gifts for the girls including this shirt for Emmeline that saying "Don't need a permit for these guns".  She really liked it.

 I believe this is right before we went to the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens the next day.  Katie also got Emmeline that adorable penguin hat.

 We found out that Isa is finally tall enough to no need a booster anymore so we tried having her sit in the middle so Katie could have more room.  She and Emmeline fought like crazy so we had to move Katie back to the middle.  This of course enabled her to capture this gem.

 Katie brought this hat for Isa.  It took quite a while to convince her not to take it to Girl Scout camp this weekend.

 Aunt Katie with the girlies.

Emmeline ended up getting really tired and just kind of latched onto Katie's leg.

Until she picked her up for some cuddles.

We went trick or treating on Wednesday night.  I was not planning on dressing up which is why my costume isn't great but after seeing Katie's costume I did my best to make one to kind of go with it.  

In case you can't tell what we are.

 It occurs to me now that we should have done my loud face with them off and then me doing a thumbs up or something when the mittens were on, so I could show how quiet they are.  Oh, well.
I also think I ended up looking more like a manager at McDonald's then Charlie but Josh doesn't own any short sleeved dress shirts.  Either way, we are pretty awesome!

 It isn't really Halloween without some yummy treats like Haystacks.

 Also some ghosts.

 One last cuddle.

It was SO fun having her visit.  Just the pick me up I needed.

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