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So things have been happening here. I just didn't feel like typing them out. Not that they were bad, which is my usual reason for not wanting to update. I just didn't feel like it. Sorry. Anyway, here is one of the things we have done. The week of Nutcracker was super crazy. With lots of curlers, tears, makeup ,costumes and pictures. In the midst of all of that Emmeline's official glasses came in. So, I decided to take a day trip with the girls and go to Southlake (45 minutes away) and get the glasses, our family picture (that had been ready for 2-3 weeks) and then go by Grapevine Mills to go to Build-a-Bear before heading back to Denton for Nutcracker pictures. I wanted it to be a fun day with no fussing or fighting where I could take the girls and let them have fun at their own pace. It didn't really happen. Apparently 3 year old pace and 8 year old pace are VERY different. Plus if they can reach each other there will be screeching involved.

Emmeline decided what she wanted in about 5 seconds.

Emmeline made hers look so cool that out of all the choices Isa decided she wanted it too. Next came the stuffing. Last year Emmeline did not like this part at all. The noise of the motor really bothered her.

Isa went first. Wishing with her heart.

Then stuffing. Luckily Emmeline was more interested then afraid this year.

Trying to find the pedal. She wasn't so interested in wishing.

A little disturbed be the stitching.

This picture is pretty much my next 1.5 hours.

I should have known better then to tell Isa she could pick out accessories. The combinations were endless. Emmeline picked out her dog collar with bells in you guessed it about 5 seconds. Luckily they have those birth certificate computers in there that Emmeline was more then happy to play on while Isa tried outfit after outfit on her dog. Its was killer and I was spent by the time we were done. Of course we still had to go get pictures taken after this but at least I didn't have to be giving opinions on stuffed animal outfits anymore. That place really exhausts me.


Josh said...

More evidence here that Isa is your kid and Em is mine. We know what we want!

Terra - Give Me a Tail Wind! said...

It's pay back for all those school nights you lined up your jeans and t-shirts and wanted an opinion on EACH OF THEM.

Or shopping with you...even before the stress of actually interacting with the clerk came.

You're a good mom:)