A Little Learning

A few weeks ago (yes I know I'm behind) I took the girls plus Isa's friend A with us to the Forth Worth Museum of Nature And Science. We got a family membership back in March 2011 and this was our first time back. I had to clear our schedule of all Emmeline's therapies which is a feat in and of itself but it was totally worth it. Not only did we get out of the house but it wasn't to a store or doctor and we took a friend! The girls all had a great time.

Emmeline felt right at home in the ambulance

Trying to hold down the siren button and drive. She had advance fine motor skills ;)

The little kid area here is far lacking in comparison to the Dallas Museum but they do have cool water guns

She stood here for a VERY long time

It was really hard to keep up with A and Isa so I only managed one picture of them. Learning to try and spin plates on sticks. It was really hard but they kept trying.

The museum is great for Isa age kids but Emmeline was very tolerant. They even had a pretty cool visiting exhibit on George Washington where the girls got to take the Presidential Oath, and see a scale model of his home. They had a hard time understanding why he wasn't living in the White House. At lunch Isa asked me to sit at a different table so they could pretend they were in a cafe in NY. No, she hasn't seen Sex in the City. The day was great up until we tried to get home. A 45 minute drive took us 2 hours. The girls held up way better then me. I was so excited to get out of the car. Glad we could get away though. Even if it was just for a day.

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