I love pumpkin patches! They kind of force me to feel fall. Unless it's hot then my brain kind of freaks out. We were lucky enough to have a cool streak this week so it ended up being the perfect week to go to the patch. Well, except that we had 3 other appointments that morning. :( . So I canceled 2 of the 3 and off we went. It wasn't as cool as the patch we went to for homeschool days when we first moved here but that patch was an hour away so I'll take 20 minutes and a moderate amount of fun instead.
Part of the big draw for this patch is all their cute cutouts for pictures. It was super sunny though so Em didn't really want to open her eyes pretty much the whole time. She did still offer up some cuteness you can see below.

Em tried the bouncy house. Try that with no vestibular system!

Isa was a great big sister and took Em through the maze

It helped that she could see over the top

Not really made for a kid her size but I couldn't resist

In the pumpkin house

Notice a theme in the next few pictures? I swear she just started doing it herself!

It was like she was saying "Mom, it is way to bright out here. This is all you're going to get". I'll take it!!


Laura said...

I love it! Those pictures are precious!

Brittany H. said...

hahaha Love the thumbs up! And I love fall for making photo ops like these.