Daddy Day!!

Emmeline's riding lessons are usually on Friday mornings. Josh has class. Emmeline's instructor and I have been trying to convince him to skip said class and come watch her ride. She is being super cute these days on Eeyore and we really wanted him to see in person. No such luck. Apparently professors think Phd classes are really important or something. Totally unreasonable.
Well, last week we hit the jackpot. The instructor had to go out of town on Friday and needed to reschedule for Tuesday. Josh's morning "off". He never really has extra time but he took a break from homework and came to riding with us. Emmeline was THRILLED!!! She wanted him to do everything with her and wanted me to get out of their way. So, i stepped back and documented their Daddy Daughter time. Very Cute.

Showing him how to do all the tack.

I can attest to how hard it is to lift Emmeline and that saddle. They are heavy.

Helmet on and ready to ride!

Her fist pump "Go"!!!!

Deciding whether or not she wants to do "air plane arms"

Gave in

Trail riding

Walking Eeyore back to his "house" butt shot

On the way out the owner saw Isa and asked if she wanted to ride. Um, I can' tell if she liked it. Can you?

I am so glad Josh was able to come. Both girls LOVED having him there!!! Emmeline was really showing off for him.


Josh said...

It's not a class I'm taking---I'm *teaching* that class! I'm glad it worked out so I could come though--had a blast!

Laura said...

Haha I love the clarification that Josh is actually TEACHING...thanks Josh:) Love their faces on the horses!

Terra said...

You have adorable babies. I miss them...I guess I miss you too...maybe even Josh a little bit:)

I loved the photos and getting to see how much Emmeline is growing! Tell Isabella to try harder to not age- it's not working.