My Afternoon

It's high time i posted about Isabella right? honestly i wish it wasn't a post like this but hey. it's what happened.

we were at target. isa did great helping my during groceries so she asked if we could go look at toys. i said yes we can LOOK. in a bout two seconds she had wandered off. i watched her go and stood where i was. she only had a few ways to go so i knew she would run into me in a second. she did. a little panicked. she said, "why didn't you follow me?". i responded that is was her job to follow mommy int eh store not mommy following her. i then turned and looked at the end cap. i turn back around. she is gone. again. rather then freak out i figure she said she wanted to look at toys, she must me in the toy section somewhere so i did a loop around. nothing. another loop. again, nothing. one more loop for good measure and i started trying to calm myself down and say, "she is fine, no one took my kid". one more lap. ok, maybe someone did take my kid. i went over to customer service and let them know. they paged her, waiting longer then a mother with a missing child wants to wait. finally i said she should have been here if she heard it. next thing i know the worker whips out a radio and says something no mother wants to hear about there kid. "CODE YELLOW, CODE YELLOW, CODE YELLOW. WE HAVE A MISSING 7 YEAR OLD IN A WHITE SHIRT AND PLAID SKIRT. NAMED ISABELLA HARRIS." the response was even worse. "I'LL COVER THE GROCERY EXIT". "I'VE GOT THE ELECTRONICS EXIT". "I'VE GOT THE BATHROOMS." next thing i know a couple of buff guys in black outfits come stand by the door checking everyone who leaves. as i stood there looking at the guard i realized. "he is there to make sure no one leaves with MY kid". i burst into tears. granted i am super emotional right now for other reasons but this definitely ranks pretty high on my fear list.

of course it has a good ending or i wouldn't be posting right now. in the end she was playing a video game in electronics. i could have strangled her and hugged her to death at the same time. as soon as she saw me and realized that i had had no idea where she was all that time she freaked out. she started getting all teary and wouldn't leave my side the rest of the trip. not even to load the buggy 3 feet away. when she got to the car. she said "i never want to leave the house again". i have to say. i don't want her to either.


Mindy Jo said...

I felt MY heart racing!
Seriously, every Mother's worst nightmare! I'm SO sorry you even had to THINK about such a horror!
If it makes you feel any better, my children disappear on me ALL the time! ;)
love ya,

Chesney said...

How scary! I have had some moments like those. I bet she may never run off anymore.

Megan said...

chesney, i think i saw you come in. were you at target today?

Laura said...

I think my heart rate went up just reading that! I'm glad she's safe!

Abby said...

That is scary meg. I guess it is comforting to know that Target has an action plan for instances like that :) You shlould get one of those telephone cord leash things for Isa and make her wear it till she is 20!