A Nice Pick Me Up

i have been kind of burnt out on couponing lately so i haven't been going much. well, i really needed to roll over some rewards so i went out this morning and scored a GREAT deal.

9 sure deodorants
5 Maalox advanced
1 gas prevention
1 nivea arctic freeze after shave moisturizer
1 pro clinical toothpaste


my cvs deal wasn't as good since i had to pay .61 for that one. but when it's all totaled i paid .65 for $65.14 worth of merchandise. not too bad.


Mary Ann said...

Those deodorants would last for several years . . . until Isabella needs one.

Maybe that was the idea?

If you didn't want to keep them you could give them to friends.

Matthew said...

Does Josh use aftershave? I can't stand the stuff.

Megan said...

he doesn't usually. this is the first bottle i have ever purchased. he said he wanted some the other day when he shaved off his Miami beard. i think this is really more of a moisturizer then anything but hey. it was free so why not try it?

Mindy Jo said...

holy crow girl
you've got mad skills
i know where i'm comin' next time i have gas.
love ya,