I guess you early risers can start calling me in the morning now. Apparently Isabella is suffering from separation anxiety. I knew babies would cry when you left and stuff like that but I had no idea how it really affects them. Apparently when babies are separated from their primary care giver they have severe adjustment problems. The first thing to change is their sleeping schedule. They start to wake up in the middle of the night and cry for you. I thought this meant that I might hear her whimper every once in a while but no. This means blood curdling screams even after they pass out. The only way to get them quite is to go in and touch or whisper to them. Isabella has perfected this. She will only sleep for about two hours at a time at night without waking up and maybe one hour during the day. It is like having a newborn again but the bottle doesn't sooth her. She also will not lay down. She keeps herself stiff as a board so you cant set her down. Next come the eating problems. She will only eat about half of her meal. She just cries and whines the whole time, tries to spit the food out or blow it off the spoon. Overall she is super moody and wants me or josh to hold her but then when we pick her up she just cries like she is fussing at us for leaving her. I hate school!!!!!!!!!!!

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