As I was poking around in Isabella's mouth yesterday I discovered something. She has cut another tooth!!! She is getting pretty good at this. She now has two lower front teeth. I can't wait for them to grow in so everyone can see them when she smiles. It will be so cute.

I'm sure this news will make some of you sad but I am thrilled. Jake the snake graduated last semester so I will no longer be graced with his presence on a regular basis. He seems like one of those guys who graduates and never goes away though so I think there will still be the occasional post about him. I have run a little dry on people who annoyed me that I am allowed to write about but I am sure that will change when I go back to school next week so fear not. Since I haven't put any pictures up here in forever, here you go.

I am pretty sure my baby has the longest tongue ever (besides that guys from KISS)

this is my brother matt and his daughter Stella (she's German)

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