Guess who I saw today? The halls of the geography building were once again graced by the presence of Jake the snake. I was hoping I would have a little bit more time before I saw him again but no. I thought this encounter would be like all the others I had had with him but I was pleasantly surprised he didn't really say much to me even though we were the only two people in the break room but I didn't mind. He was waiting for the honors advisor to come in and had apparently been there for a while. I had the advisor as a teacher last year while I was pregnant and he loved me. For those of you who have heard it, he sounds like the bird who sings the color song on the Disney songs collection when he talks. He loved me because he loves babies and his children weren't having any. When he finally did come in he walked right past jake and started talking to me about my classes and Isabella. This only irked Jake further. When Dr. Gade was done talking to me he said hello to Jake,who then proceeded to tell him how unprofessional he was for being late and not talking to him first. What happened next was something I would've loved to see everyone do when Jake said something rude. Dr. Gade started to chase Jake around the room punch him in the stomach (hard) and make fun of him. It took all myself control to not run into the hallway and yell fight!, so everyone could enjoy it as much as I did. By the way,this professor is in his mid 60's and Jake is like 23.

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